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so you can provide more tailored supports to students and families.

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Now more than ever, schools and districts need to know which students and families they're reaching and which need more support.

Thankfully, we can use the always-available Microsoft Excel to help us figure that out.

This guide will walk you through four easy steps to creating your own data tracker and beginning to truly understand how well your family engagement efforts are doing.

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What if I want more Excel know-how? ​ ​

Good news – I offer a three-part workshop series to walk you through, step-by-step, how you can build an awesome tracking sheet for your family engagement data.

Excel Basics

The Excel Basics workshop starts from the top and discusses formatting, functions, and formulas that beginners can use to build their Excel capacity.

Creating and Using Templates in Excel

This session builds on the Basics session and walks participants through the process of designing their own customized tracking sheets. We talk about some more advanced features and functions that you can use to make these tools as automated as possible.

Reporting and Visualizing Data in Excel

In this session, we talk about so many fun parts of Excel – PivotTables, creating charts and tables for reporting, and creating interactive dashboards!

Who is the workshop series for?

The Engage with Excel workshop series is designed for youth- and family-serving organizations that may not know how to start measuring their impact but are excited to start.

​These 90-minute sessions are a great way to spend your team meetings or professional development days. 

Here's what past Engage with Excel participants had to say: