Meet Engage with Data!

Let me be real for a second: when I started Structured Solutions five and a half years ago, I was definitely building the plane as I flew it.

So when I had to choose a name, I came up with one that I thought sounded catchy (read: it used alliteration) and conveyed a message about how I operated.

As the years went on, I became increasingly unhappy with my business name. It just didn’t feel like me

So today, I am THRILLED to announce that my business has a new name: Engage with Data!

Engage with Data Logo

To me, this name represents two of my core beliefs:

1) That it’s critical for educators to use their data to guide their family engagement efforts; and 

2) That we should all get our hands dirty and really dig in to our data. 

The heart of my company hasn’t changed – the work is still the same, and so is my mission – to help educational organizations use the data they have to tell the story of the impact they’re having on children and families. 

Here’s what has changed:

I have worked hard to make my new brand a lot more fun and authentic to who I am and how I operate. 

I would love for you to explore (and share!) the new website:

I hope that as you do, you’ll see a lot more of me shining through.

To those who have been helping me rebrand and get ready for today, I am truly grateful. 

To those who read my blogs and support my work, THANK YOU! Engage with Data would be nothing without you.

I am so excited to see what this new chapter in my business brings.