Use data to tell the story of your impact

Engage with Data helps K-12 schools, school districts, and non-profit organizations demonstrate the powerful, positive effects that they know they have on students and families through data and evaluation.

Know you're making a difference, but can't prove it?

So often in education, we know that we are making an impact on our students and families, but we don’t know how to prove it in the ways that funders and agencies require.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I can help you measure and maximize your impact on children and families and tell your story effectively.

What can Engage with Data do for you?

I have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to help drive your family engagement program forward.

Build your capacity

You don't need to be a statistician to understand data! Everyone is capable of using data to improve their work.

Through trainings and coaching, I can help every member of your team build their analytical skillsets and confidence.

Create a culture of data

To change how teams think about data, they need to understand the benefits and have simple, user-friendly systems.

I help teams build custom data tracking systems and provide the training needed to turn new practices into habits.

Measure your impact

Through data tracking, visualization, and reporting, I help teams see just how much they are doing for students and families.

For projects that are too big for your team, like a needs assessment or evaluation, I can take the lead!

How I've helped other programs tell their engagement story

"Amanda has helped me develop the capacity of a school-based family engagement team ...and put together a beautiful family engagement tracker for us ... Upon reflecting on Amanda's tool, one of the team members commented, 'We are no longer guessing.' Thanks to the clarity she provided, the team is now presenting their recommendations to the staff on how to improve conferences in the spring."
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Scott Filippini
Greeley-Evans School District 6
"With Amanda's guidance, we were able to look closely at our program data, identify key research and gather persuasive evidence that supports the impact of our program, and develop a programmatic logic model that clearly articulates our goals, objectives, and how we help our school partners increase family engagement and student success. We were able to qualify for an ESSA evidence-based intervention tier that... ultimately led to a board-approved annual contract that exceeded our expectations."
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Matt Barinholtz

Here's how we can work together

Step 1: Tell me about you

I want to learn more about your organization, the pain points you're experiencing, and where you're hoping to go on your data journey.

Step 2: Create a custom plan

We'll meet (virtually or in-person) to develop a plan for how to address the challenges you're facing and meet your goals.

Step 3: Maximize your data journey

We'll work together to illuminate your family engagement patterns, build systems that work, and maximize your impact for children and families.

Photo of Amanda Klein-Cox

I'm an educator at heart.

Hi! I’m Amanda Klein-Cox, Owner of Engage with Data.

I’m a former teacher, Community School Coordinator, non-profit community partner, and district-level Family and Community Engagement Specialist.

I understand what it’s like to manage a classroom, serve on a leadership team, and support and engage a school community. 

These experiences inform my work on a daily basis.

I have always straddled the line between working directly with students and families and using my love of analysis and writing to highlight trends and improve the impact of organizations.

I love using data to illuminate important educational and societal issues and to drive programmatic improvement. 

Get started with tracking your data, for free!

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to start tracking your own family engagement data in Microsoft Excel.

You'll get all my favorite tips and tricks to make your tracking sheet functional and eye-catching.

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