Five years!

Five years ago this week, I took the leap. 

I was a Community School Coordinator (CSC) in Baltimore and a doctoral student, and it was time for a change. 

You see, my data tracking spreadsheets were starting to catch on among other CSCs. I kept thinking, “How amazing would it be if helping schools use data to track and improve their engagement efforts could be my JOB?”

The problem was, that job didn’t seem to exist. So I made it myself.

After much research, networking, and careful planning, I officially started Structured Solutions in November 2015 and went full-time after the new year. 

What a journey it has been! Owning a business surely has its ups and downs, but there have been far more ups for me. 

Over the past five years, I have: 

  • Worked with approximately 20 organizations in 10 different states (see the map below);
  • Presented at six national conferences or virtual events and four state conferences or events;
  • Built a national network of fellow evaluators and family engagement experts; 
  • Gotten to be creative and follow my passions; and
  • Been honored to support and empower the people doing the REAL work helping children and families thrive. 

While I am a “solopreneur,” if you will, I certainly could not have done this alone. What I feel this week is gratitude for the people who took chances on me, supported me, and challenged me, as well as for the many opportunities that I have been given. 

I am excited for what the next five years bring.