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How Can We Measure 2021?

How can we measure 2021? Over the past few months, we’ve been playing a lot of music for our baby girl, to keep her entertained (mostly because Mommy and Daddy sing and dance around the house like fools) and to… Read More »How Can We Measure 2021?

Now is the time.

Now is the time. Fear. Uncertainty. Frustration. Isolation.  In recent conversations with districts across the country and in analyses of surveys for clients, these words have come up a lot. Families, educators, and community members are feeling a whole lot… Read More »Now is the time.

We have to do better.

We have to do better. I still remember how scared I was during the 2015 riots/uprising in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray.  I understood the pain and outrage in the black community over the death of a young,… Read More »We have to do better.