Survey Fails … and How to Recover from Them

Sometimes you launch a survey, and you’re blown away by the number of responses you get. 

And sometimes, you’re not. 

I had one of these moments last week.

I was SUPER excited to try something new with my blog and launch a survey to hear what readers wanted to see in future posts. 

I sent out my blog to my email list, waiting with bated breath (okay, maybe I’m being dramatic) for all of the responses to pour in. 

… And then I realized that the survey I embedded didn’t even show up in the email. 


Let’s just say that I didn’t get the response rate I was hoping for. 

But here’s the thing – it’s okay to have a survey fail. All hope is not lost.

If you don’t get the response rate you were hoping for, take a step back and consider: 

  • Did you use channels of communication that your target audience prefers?
  • Did you make the purpose (and value) of your survey clear in your messaging?
  • Is your survey designed in a way that makes it easy for your respondents to complete?
  • Did technical issues make it hard for your audience to complete the survey?
  • Does your audience just need a reminder?
  • Do you still have time to send it out again?


For me, technical issues definitely got the best of my survey attempt, but I also think a reminder wouldn’t hurt. 

So here’s my plug:

I’d love to know more about what you want to learn! I’d appreciate if you could take a minute to share your thoughts and preferences with me. I’ll report the results and use them to make this blog even more beneficial for you. 

The survey is embedded below, but if it’s not loading for you, click here to go right to it.